About Us

Welcome Route 66 Traveler, the site was set up to share my experiences, my pictures and my passion for Route 66. The site is designed to help you know what you might see on Route 66. Route 66 is normally Traveled East to West, but since I live in California, I always start out from the west. I made a lot of notes to reverse myself on my travels, so I thought why not share these notes. This site also contains the states and the cities and towns in those states in order. In those cities and towns are the highlights that you may want to see and explore. You can use this on your smart phone if you like, and be on the look-out for whatever might interest you. There are so many things to see on a Route 66 trip and no two Route 66 trips are the same, even if you ended and started right back out again. There are Trains, and Native American Indian reservations, and Roadside Attractions, and Art Deco, and every type of architecture. There is the Kitsch, and Stores and Motels, and Restaurants, and Diners, and Old Gas Stations, and the well known stops, as well as the lesser known stops on this site. The pictures on this website are mine and free to download unless specifically stated in the post. You can see more pictures either on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/calitochicago, or you can go to Flickr, and download high resolution pictures. On Flickr it is Flickr- (Search) -People-Cali to Chicago. Link is https://www.flickr.com/photos/calitochicago/ I hope you enjoy the site, it is my mission to help people take this trip, see the USA, and to enjoy the hospitality, good food and fun, these towns along Route 66 have to offer. You will always remember your Route 66 trip. The Calitochicago Crew