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Direction Box CA-15
SKU: 9310
Ludlow CA to Amboy CA and on to Goffs CA Please Click More Info
Amboy CA
SKU: 9300
Amboy CA, The old Route 66 dipped through the Mojave Desert. Start of the "Alphabet towns" in the desert. Please Click More Info...
Roy's Cafe, Amboy CA
SKU: 9290
Roy's Cafe, Amboy CA One of the most iconic neon signs on Route 66. Download picture on Flickr Please click more info
Amboy's Motel Lobby
SKU: 9285
Amboy Motel Lobby Amboy CA Picture on Flickr Please Click More Info....
Chambless CA
SKU: 9275
Chambless CA
Roadrunner Retreat Restaurant , Chambless CA
SKU: 9270
Roadrunner Cafe, Chambless CA, the head is gone from the roadrunner now, although this must have been a fantastic neon sign in its day. Please Click More Info...
Direction Box CA-16
SKU: 9260
Goffs into Needles CA Please Click More Info
Danby, Essex and Fenner
SKU: 9250
Danby Essex and Fenner, The alphabet towns
Only Walls remain in Danby CA
SKU: 9240
Just Walls in Danby CA Street Art Picture on Flickr.
Needles CA
SKU: 9175
Needles CA, the last city on Route 66 in California. The Needles covered wagon Welcome sign. Download picture on Flickr Please Click More Info...
66 Motel Needles Ca
SKU: 9170
Route 66 Motel is well known for it's sign of yellow bulbs and neon. 91 Desnok Rd. Download picture on Flickr Please Click More Info...
21 Murals in Needles CA
SKU: 9165
21 Murals in Needles depict various scenes of Route 66, to view the murals pick up a list at the Chamber of Commerce. Download picture on Flickr.
Direction Box CA -17  AZ-1
SKU: 9150
Leave Needles and Head to Oatman AZ