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CARS Disney Movie
SKU: 999
Route 66 Inspiration for the Movie Cars and Disneyland California Adventure
Flo's V-8 Cafe
SKU: 999
Flo's V-8 Cafe Cars Land California Adventure
Ramone's Body Shop inspired by Conoco Tower Shamrock TX
SKU: 998
Ramone's Body Shop in Cars Land based on the Conoco Texas Gas Station in Shamrock TX
Neon Sign Cozy Cone Motel
SKU: 997
This Cozy Cone Motel Sign is reminiscent of the many neon signs that are on Route 66.
Route 66 Shield California Adventure
SKU: 996
The Route 66 shield is now painted on the Road to designate the Historic Road.
Tow Mater based on a Boom Tow Truck in Galena KS.
SKU: 995
Tow Mater the Main Character in Cars the Movie and the Mascot for California Adventure Please Click More Info...
Visible Pumps Cars Land, reminiscent of Old Gas Stations
SKU: 994
Visible Pumps reminiscent of Magnolia Gas Station in Shamrock TX and other Gas Stations along Route 66.
Front Street Garage, Galena Kansas
SKU: 993
Garage in California Adventure reminiscent of Front Street Garage Galena Kansas
Radiator Springs Building Sandhills Curiostity Shop
SKU: 992
Radiator Springs Gift Shop that echoes the look of Sandhills Curiosity Shop in Erick OK.
Cone at the Cozy Cone Motel
SKU: 991
Cozy Cone Motel reminiscent of the Wigwam motels on Route 66.
Here it is Sign, Reminiscent of the Jack Rabbit Gift Shop Sign
SKU: 990
Here it is Gift Shop, Jack Rabbit Gift Shop Here it is Sign in Joseph AZ was the inspiration.
Luigi's Tires, inspired by Britten Tower in Groom TX
SKU: 989
The leaning tower of tires in front of Luigi;s Tires California Adventure are based on Britten Water Tower.