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Colorado Street Bridge,  Pasadena CA -  Folow the Old Pasadena Sign
SKU: 9853
The Colorado Street Bridge on Colorado Blvd. built in 1913. Download pictures on Flickr Click More Info...
Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA
SKU: 9852
The Rose Bowl has a long history, dating back to the First Tournament of Roses held in 1890. Download pictures at Flickr Please Click More Info...
Fair Oaks Pharmacy, Pasadena Ca   See Directions
SKU: 9850
Fair Oaks Pharmacy Address 1526 Mission St. South Pasadena. Download picture on Flickr Click More Info...
Rialto Theater, South Pasadena CA
SKU: 9846
Rialto Theater, 1019-1023 Fair Oaks Ave. South Pasadena CA Est 1925 Download pictures on Flickr. Please Click More Info....
Saga Motor Hotel, Pasadena CA
SKU: 9845
Saga Motor Hotel, Pasadena CA 1633 E. Colorado Blvd. Established in 1950. This motel is in operation today. Download picture on Flickr Please Click More Info
Direction Box CA -5
SKU: 9844
Take Colorado Blvd it becomes Colorado St.
Arcadia CA  Denny's
SKU: 9840
Denny's at the corner of Huntington Dr. and Santa Anita. Arcadia CA Download picture at Flickr Please click more info...
Aztec Motel, Monrovia CA
SKU: 9830
Aztec Motel, Monrovia CA at 311 Foothill Blvd.(Corner of Foothill and Magnolia) Established in 1920. Download picture on Flicr Please click more info...
Direction Box CA-6
SKU: 9825
To follow Rt. 66 look for Shamrock, clearly signed, turn right go to Gas Station at the corner of Royal Oaks and Shamrock.
Flying A Gas Station Turn Right on Shamrock Ave, Monrovia CA
SKU: 9810
Old Gas Station at the corner of Shamrock and Walnut. One of two old Gas Station still standing in the metro Los Angeles area. Click More Info...
Direction Box CA-7
SKU: 9805
Follow Shamrock South to Huntington Dr. turn left, follow Rt 66 through Duarte and Irwindale to Azusa Ca. The Foothill Drive In Sign