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Galena Kansas
SKU: 4900
Galena Kansas, Home of Tow Tater, the inspiration for Tow Tater in the movie Cars. Please Click More Info....
Cars on the Route Galena Kansas
SKU: 4885
Cars on The Route, home of Tow Tater. Please Click More Info....
Tow Tater, Galena Kansas
SKU: 4870
Tow Tater, Galena Kansas. The story is here. Please Click More Info....
Front Street Garage, Galena Kansas
SKU: 4860
Front Street Garage, Galena Kansas, now being redone and will be reopened. Please Click More Info....
Restored Brothel, Galena KS
SKU: 4855
Restored Brothel, Galena KS Please Click More Info...
Fire Truck, Galena KS
SKU: 4850
This is the next vehicle that is going to be refurbished.
Direction Box KS-3 MO-1
SKU: 3000
Directions from Galena KS to Joplin MO