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Azusa CA
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Azusa CA, the town with the USA between A and Z. Azusa City Hall. 213 E Foothill Blvd. Please Click on more info...
Azusa Foothill Drive-In Theater Marque, Azusa CA
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This Marque marks the spot where the Azusa Foothill Drive-In Theater once operated. 901 E Alosta Download picture on Flickr Please Click More Info...
Direction Box CA -8
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At the junction right after Azusa Drive In sign follow Alosta Ave. Follow the road to the right. Route 66 clearly marked. No more turns till you get to San Bernardino. yeah!
Direction Box CA -9
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To bypass Azusa Glendora Take Citrus Ave South to 210 get off at Towne Ave. go south to Foothill Blvd to visit Claremont CA, well worth the visit Quaint Downtown. Please Click More Info...
Glendora CA
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Glendora CA Pride of the Foothills, this affluent city offers a lot to travelers. Download Free picture on Flickr-(Search)-People-Cali to Chicago Please Click More Info....
Golden Spur Restaurant Glendora CA
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Golden Spur Restaurant, 1223 E. Rte 66 Glendora CA. Download pictures at Flickr Please Click More Info....
Palm Tropic Motel, Glendora CA
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Palm Tropics Motel, Glendora Ca is located at 619 W. Route 66. The Palms Tropic, remains one of the few original motels on Route 66. Please Click More Info....
Art Deco On Route 66, USA Gas Station, Glendora CA
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This Gas Station sits at the corner of Glendora Ave. and Route 66. It is now a USA Gas Station. This appears to be a 1930 building. Download Picture at Flickr Please see more info...
The HAT Best Patrami Sandwich on Route 66, Glendora CA
SKU: 9755
The Hat Restaurant, Located at 611 W. Rte 66 Glendora Ca. Download Picture free at Flickr-(Search)-People-Cali to Chicago Please click more info....
Pinacle Peak, San Dimas CA
SKU: 9740
Pinacle Peak Restaurant, San Dimas CA 269 W. Foothill Bld. The Route 66 Steakhouse with a Cow on the Roof! Please see more info...
Mr. D's Diner, La Verne CA
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Mr. D's Diner La Verne, Corner of Baseline and Foothill La Verne Ca
Claremont CA
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Claremont CA, Route 66 runs through this town, although the Village is a must see also. Download Picture on Flickr Please Click More Info....
Old School House, Claremont CA
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The Old School House Claremont CA, 415 W. Foothill Blvd. Please click more info....
Wolfe Market, Claremont CA
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Wolfe Market, Claremont CA 160 W. Foothill Download pictures at Flickr Please Click More Info...
Sherwood Florist, Claremont CA
SKU: 9705
Sherwood Florist, Claremont CA 404 W. Foothill Blvd. Established 1923 Please Click More Info...
The Village of Claremont CA
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The Village of Claremont CA a town rich in history and Colleges. Tours available, Download Picture on Flickr Please Click More Info....